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Andy Prendergast, Fleet Manager, New Fishing

I applaud Mr. Bohm’s efforts to give companies the ability to real time monitor their remote fisheries and I can also see other benefits in aspects such as controlling target fishing of small prawn and helping put an end to lengthy delays associated with stock assessment.

Skippers can record all aspects of fishing and look up past records to improve future catches and eliminate a lot of paperwork.

Charlie Fuss, Skipper, FV Northern Rose

CatchLog is the way of the future for the fishing industry. I think every fisherman should give this program a go. Even those that may not be completely comfortable with technology will soon discover that CatchLog is a program that is so easy to operate and it will make their job a lot easier for them.

CatchLog lets you enter your catch records quickly and easily and then retrieve this information at the click of a button. I like to wait till I’m on anchor and then feed the data from the previous night into the system, but if you have a computer on board separate to your plotter you can just have it open 24/7 and enter the information in directly each shot if you prefer.

To me a program like CatchLog makes good sense for me as a skipper and for our fishing company too.

Con Triantopoulos, Skipper, FV Comac Enterprise

I have been using CatchLog for the past two years and went full on with it last year when we started using it as our sole logbook with data being sent to AFMA via the program. It is great to do away with the paper records and we got a good report back on our logbooks from AFMA.

CatchLog is fairly easy to use, especially if you have a bit of computer experience behind you already. Even someone green to it can learn it in a few days. There was good support too, with help just a phone call away and any problems sorted out very quickly.

I found the whole program useful. It is excellent to have all the data available and calculations made for you the click of a button. I have just started to use it for vessel management as well as logbooks and when you know your prawn price CatchLog can work out all your crew deductions and payments.

I recommend CatchLog to other fishermen as an invaluable tool for the industry

Matthew Smith, Skipper, FV Cenator

Since I started using CatchLog 12 months ago it has proven itself to be one of the most useful tools on board the boat.

I have five key applications for CatchLog: sending my data to AFMA every fortnight via email; sending regular Total on Board to our export company; sending weekly catch details to the vessel owner; recording all catch details for my own use for fishing and accounting; and recording crew deductions.

CatchLog is so simple and user friendly. Why would anyone still fill out the 4 or 5 paper logs required in our fishery, when they can do it all so quickly and easily using CatchLog? Instead of being a tedious chore, CatchLog makes you want to enter your catch data because it shows you instantly exactly how your vessel is traveling. If you enter a product price you can even get the dollar value for your catch.

The CatchLog back up and customer service is fantastic too, with support at hand whenever you need it and feedback on the program welcomed and taken into consideration for new versions.

I highly recommend CatchLog to any fisherman, whatever sector of the industry they are working.

Mike Farrell, Skipper, Territory Leader

I have used CatchLog for the past two years and there is no way I could ever go back to filling out paper logbooks again. I have transferred data to AFMA with absolutely no dramas. This season I will be transferring my data to AFMA via email using CDMA.

Our catch data is just so much more manageable using CatchLog. I don’t have to wade through a mountain of paperwork and I get to see my data in real time so I know exactly what I am catching. The modification that allows us to enter a price into the system and see the dollar value of our catch is very useful. The graphs and charts let you play with the numbers anyway you like. I can also look back at an accurate, easy to read record of my past catch history and use that information to optimize my current fishing effort.

CatchLog has benefits for fisheries management, too. Because the information AFMA are receiving via CatchLog is real time data they can make much better informed management decisions than they can when basing them on paper logbooks with a 6 month time lag before labour intensive data entry is carried out and the data they contain then processed.

As far as I am concerned Electronic logbook programs such as CatchLog are the only way to go, this is the future for the fishing industry.

Scott Davis, Ex-Skipper, FV Cape York

I was one of the skippers to pilot CatchLog and continued to use the program for three years, until I took a break from the industry. At first I sent the data to AFMA via disc and then I e-mailed it. In both cases the data was sent and received successfully.

I found CatchLog to be a very user friendly program and it actually made record keeping enjoyable and so much easier than the paper logbook system.

It was very useful to have such an accurate and accessible record of my fishing data at hand, available at the click of a button. When the company needed to know what was on board I could provide that information instantly in a clear and concise format. There was no need for me to do lengthy calculations or fax off handwritten sheets. In this way CatchLog is a great time saver for everyone involved.

The other benefit of CatchLog is that it offers a complete vessel management system to record all gear and stores purchased and reorder, crew details and so on.

I recommend CatchLog as the complete record keeping package for the fishing industry.

Phil Robson, Raptis Fleet Master

The Raptis Group is pleased to say we are one of the first customers to install the CatchLog program on its fleet of vessels and have been active users of the product now for three seasons. During this time, we have supported Dieter Bohm and his CatchLog team to bring the product to market, inputting to the product development schedule by offering our customer requirements and giving valuable feedback on actual field usage.

While this development has occurred, the Raptis Group has received value from the product that I can say has been demonstrated through increased productivity for our skippers so they can concentrate on fishing rather than administration. We have had discussions with regard to their Company Analysis program, which analyses fleet data to enable better decision-making. We have given our requirements to CatchLog and await the final product in order to trial within our corporate premises.

The Australian Fishing Management Authority (AFMA) intends to introduce the use of electronic log books for daily reporting. We understand CatchLog has received approval from AFMA on their program for the Northern and South East Trawl fisheries and continues to work with AFMA and DPIF to ensure their program is approved across all Australian fishing territories.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no product on the market that matches CatchLog’s functionality and while they continue to work closely with companies such as Raptis, it would appear that CatchLog will remain the market leader for vessel management systems in the commercial fishing industry for some time to come.