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Record Catch Data with the click of a button.

Record Catch Locations for a complete Catch History of past Seasons

Graphically analyse your Catches by Moon Phases to find the best Fishing Areas.

View your Catch History graphically for the whole season by weight or $ value.

European Start-up Screen even made easier than before

E-mail, print or fax your latest information to the Company….

Select the Catch Location and enter Catch.

Landing your Catch.

Select your Quota inside transparent Chart (Shape File).



Manage your data between vessels and management from anywhere to everywhere, with our new and exciting "IN THE CLOUDS TECHNOLOGY". Click here for more details.




CatchLog conforms to EU Regulation

CatchLog meets the European requirements for Electronic Recording and Reporting System, which encompasses the way data is used to process, store, record and send data to the Fishing Authority, as set out in documentation of the commission regulation (EC) 1566/2007.




CatchLog conforms to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

CatchLog is approved and meets the requirements set out by AFMA. Our program works together with AFMA's electronic book logging.

Our program also works together with AQIS for food safety managment, necessary for the fishing industry that exports their products.




Our Online Support

Catchlog Support ImageThis is an important part of our service's remote login on the boats for training and error correction.

When you install CatchLog, you also automatically install our online support software. It puts an additional Icon on your computer’s desktop with which you can activate our support. It is very easy to use.

This enables us to access your vessel or office computer directly with our keyboard and mouse from our CatchLog support office. It creates the effect as if we were sitting right at your vessel computer with you. You can then see us solving any issues that may arise and at the same time get some training of how to solve this issues.

This provides with the facility of:

  • Problem solving on your computer from our remote location.
  • Training you life on your own vessel computer.
  • Solving problems and issues in the most efficient manner and way.





Moon Phases are used in the CatchLog Program

CatchLog incorporates Moon Phases which are well established indicators of catch potential. During the Moon's 28 day cycle there is a 3 1/2 day positive period preceding each quarter and a 3 1/2 day negative period, with the best catches taken in the positive period.





What is CatchLog and why choose it?

  • CatchLog is a reliable, easy to use, on board Electronic Log Book reporting and Vessel Management System designed By Fishermen for Fishermen.
  • CatchLog continues to incorporate feedback from Fishermen and Fishing Companies in an ongoing development program.
CatchLog Suite
  • The latest Mapping Technology linked to world maps allows you to navigate to your exact fishing location and create a chart for the entire fishery or a specific section.
  • CatchLog provides a complete, detailed snapshot of each fishing season.
  • CatchLog can be adapted to suit any Fishery around the World.
  • No more large and complicated User Guides.
  • CatchLog features Help Movies on every page throughout the program to provide Users with the best possible support should they require clarification of any aspect. This function will be available in Multi Language very soon.
  • CatchLog is the best Software available for Vessel and Fleet optimisation.
  • CatchLog provides an accessible, comprehensive Catch History for better targeting of fishing effort.
  • CatchLog gives Fishing Companies access to Real Time Data for a Competitive Marketing Edge.



How can CatchLog help you?

  • CatchLog is an easy to use Microsoft Windows-based Computer Program, the first Software designed specifically for the Fishing Industry. It can be customised to suit any Fishery in any Country around the World. CatchLog is now available in three different languages, English, French and Spanish.
  • The Program runs on the vessel's computer or laptop, which can be connected to your GPS and the Internet. Details about the Vessel, Company, Crew, Species, Packing Types, Crew Percentages, etc. are input at the beginning of each Season. During the Season, Catch Details are recorded, either per Catch or per Day. Unload details, partial or full, have both quantity and prices recorded. With this information, a complete and detailed snapshot of each Fishing Season is available at the click of a button.
  • Electronic Logbooks can be e-mailed directly to the appropriate Fisheries Management Authority and Catch Records can be supplied to the Company. The Program has been designed by Fishermen for the Fishing Industry as a complete On Board Catch Management Program. CatchLog  greatly reduces the Skipper’s paper compliance workload and improves Vessel efficiency.
  • CatchLog provides skippers with an easily accessible source of historical fishing data which they can use to improve future catches.
  • Good Fisheries Management depends on having the best quality information available. Collection of information which is relevant, accurate and timely is vital to Fisheries Management and Researchers and is achieved through Fishing Logbooks. This data is one of the major components used for assessment, analysis and monitoring of Fishery Impacts on Fish Stocks and the Marine Environment in which the Fishing Vessels operate. CatchLog provides a simple and efficient method for the collection and transfer of this data
  • The Quota Manager function includes Conversion rates for easy calculation of the whole fish value of filleted product.